How to upgrade HTC Hero to Android 2.1

By Jonatan Littke. Updated 4 years ago. 12,414 unique views.

This tutorial shows you how to make your HTC Hero faster and get new features by installing the new Android version that has finally arrived!

1. Manually install a patch from HTC's website

Requires a computer with Windows.

Last year, HTC released a software upgrade (ROM version 2.73.405.5) that you will need before you can proceed.

  • Go to HTC's website and read the instructions. Have a particular look at point 3.1.
  • This patch will clear all your data so you may want to use a backup tool before you continue.
  • Enter your phone's serial number in the box in the bottom to download the upgrade and proceed with the installation.

2. Receive a preparation patch

Once done, you should be able to receive updates straight into your phone without using a computer. And before you can get Android 2.1, that's just what you'll need to do.

A dialog should now popup in your phone and ask you if you want to download a patch from HTC. If it doesn't, try the following trick:

  • Go to Settings > Date and time.
  • Change the year to one year ahead from now.
  • Go back and wait for the dialog that asks you to upgrade.

3. Install the new Android version

OK, ready? If it worked, a dialog box should again ask you if you want to upgrade. If it doesn't appear, this time you check for updates manually: click the 'Menu' button and then go to Settings > About phone > System software upgrades.

This upgrade may take a long time to download (78 megabytes), a longer time to install and it may also tell you something 'quit unexpectedly'. Just be patient. After another reboot, you should be enjoying the new version of Android on your HTC Hero.

Note that the date may default to 1980 so click Menu and then Settings > Date and time to change it. Voila!

Android 2.1

Improvements and new things

  • The phone is now a lot faster (finally!)
  • Lots of design updates
  • Google Maps with pinch-to-zoom, street view, directions and more
  • Search by voice
  • New widgets to quickly toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc on/off.
  • Google Latitude
  • Google Quick Search Box
  • Camera with new interface and changeable ISO
  • Bluetooth improvements (BT 2.1 + EDR)
  • And more.


  • Some applications may not work after the upgrade. You can reinstall it, which fixes the problem most of the time, by opening Market and go to Downloads. Select the application and click Uninstall. Then search for the application and install it again.

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That's good. This tutorial really helped me though unfortunately the Hero is still not as fast as I would *want* it to be. But well, maybe you can't have everything :)

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