About SimpleEditions

At SimpleEditions, we're all about gathering experience and expertise and converting it into high quality, easy to understand tutorials.

We allow you and other people to update or write any tutorial on a subject you know well, and together we keep updating it until we reach just the right quality. It's like Wikipedia, but about tutorials. And we hope to be better, too! :)

We're an open source project that started in the summer of 2010 and we want you to join us!

Get involved

It's easy to get started. Just register an account and you'll be able to provide feedback to existing articles or start writing a new one right away. New articles automatically go into a draft mode where you and other registered members can improve it until it's ready for publishing.

And, if you're a programmer or designer you are more than welcome to help us improve the platform, too.


Anything else? Let us know! Email: contact at simpleeditions.com.

Licenses (Copyleft & Open Source)

The articles at SimpleEditions are licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that you can copy it, make your own modifications to it and use it for whatever non-commercial purposes you want, as long as you mention that SimpleEditions is the original source of the material.

SimpleEditions is completely open source and the source code is available at GitHub. You are more than welcome to contribute.