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Print a document on both sides

By Erik Braennstroem. 249 unique views.

  1. Find out whether your printer prints pages face-up or face-down. The easiest way to figure this out is by marking one of the sides with a pen, load the paper on top of the tray with the marked side down and print a test page. If the printed side is the same as the one that is marked it prints face-down and vice versa.
  2. Now open the print dialog for your document and in the options you should now make sure to only print odd pages. Once you've done this, hit the print button!
  3. When all the odd pages are done, take the full stack of printed pages and put it on the top of the paper tray once again. Now it's important you remember which side is the one that gets printed on. If the face-down side is the one being printed, you should make sure the stack has the printed side up and vice versa. Also, the top of the pages should go first into the printer.
  4. Open the print dialog once more, but this time you should only print even pages. Press print, and you have successfully cut your paper consumption by half!

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