How to listen to Grooveshark on your iPhone

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Grooveshark can be enjoyed on the iPhone by wirelessly streaming the audio from a computer which is located in the same wireless LAN. All that is needed is the iPhone app WiFi2HiFi and the desktop app WiFi2HiFi Station.

WiFi2HiFi Station is a desktop application that sends any audio output from the computer to the iPhone. Grooveshark is just one of many applications that it can play.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the latest WiFi2HiFi Station on your computer (

  2. Start WiFi2HiFi Station by pressing the WiFi2HiFi icon in the system tray and selecting the Option On.

  3. Install and launch the WiFi2HiFi app

  4. Open Grooveshark and start playing music


Win Vista, Win 7 or MAC OS X 10.6 running the WiFi2HiFi Station (free) iPhone or iPod Touch running the WiFi2HiFi app (4 dollars) WLAN or adhoc network

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nobita: (4 months, 4 weeks ago)
iPhone app and we can explore and really experience a lot.

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